👪 Engaged and proud mama to my little wonder. Family comes first and foremost!Filled with kindness and friendliness; I believe in the magic of a warm smile. 🎨 If it's crafty, I'm all over it - turning simple things into unique pieces brings me joy. ❤️ Caring soul with a fiery passion for the simple things in life. 🐾 Animal lover and conservation warrior; my heart beats for every creature. 🌳 Nature enthusiast fascinated by the beauty and complexity of our planet. 💪 Hard-working go-getter. Grateful for each day and ready for all it throws at me! 💖

Fidget Star

Introducing our Fidget Star, a fun and eco-friendly way to keep your hands busy. Made with biodegradable plastic, this multi-dimensional toy is PLA 3D printed, showcasing the state of the art in ecological craftsmanship. Its dual colors of blue and yellow melt together in a striking blue/green effect. Watch as the color changes depending on how you tilt the star. That's not all – by artfully moving the star from front to back, the layers come alive and pop out to make this captivating toy articulated. Enjoy the unique sensory experience and satisfy your fidgeting needs with our Fidget Star!

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